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"Brian Lewis's instruction is second to none in my opinion; offering students a chance to learn in a laid back positive environment. I personally learned everything I know about the guitar from Brian in the five years I had him as an instructor. He not only provides theory and excellent knowledge of the instrument, he also gives students the chance to use those tools practically."- Ryan J. S.

"Anyone in the Evergreen/Denver/Boulder area looking for a seriously awesome guitar teacher, I would highly recommend my friend Brian Lewis, who is about to open his own teaching studio- Evergreen Guitar Dojo. This guy is amazing!" -  Richard Ball-Multi-instrumentalist.

"I started going to Brian 9 years ago and I can say with confidence and
conviction I will continue to go until he retires.  Each week, every lesson
is as new and dynamic as there are songs written using G C D.  Brian is not
only a professional musician, performer (a GREAT TALENT), a songwriter and
producer but his experience in teaching is unsurpassed.  He emphasizes on
your creativity: your improvisational skills and assisting you to explore
and find your style. He sincerely cares about your musical growth and
Everyone is different and at different levels, has different musical goals, likes different music.  Brian tailors specifically to your needs and leaning
style.  Brian helps you find what works best for you think, play
and feel. You, too, will find Brian's qualities to be; Patience, Observant,
Communicative, Inspirational, Knowledgeable, Ability, Professionalism,
Encouragement , with great Organizational skills.
But what makes a Great Guitar Teacher;
. Manages and schedules new materials and effectively explains its
importance and meaning. 
. Shows you how to organize your practice and effectively manage your
practice time.
. Wants to make sure that you fully understand what you are learning
and most importantly, teaches you how to apply it.
. Helps you to become secure and proficient with your skills.
. Encourages you to ask questions when something is unclear.

Whether you want a career in music or just want to do it for fun.  Brian
will take you beyond what you think you are capable of.- -James Wilhelm

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