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Brian Lewis - Guitar

Brian Lewis has been a professional musician for 28 years, as a sideman, studio/session player, songwriter and producer. He has performed on over 100 albums, produced 21 CD’s for various artists, logged more than 3,000 concert dates over 14 years of steady touring, and has worked as Music Director for Street Sense Recording Artist Matt McKinney, and Lil’ Blu Recording Artist Sharlena Thomas. Brian has been teaching in the Evergreen area since 1989 at the Wenzel School Of Music, and he launched the Evergreen Guitar Dojo when Wenzel closed in Feb. of 2013. He studied at University Of Colorado and Loretto Heights College before earning his Master Certificate from the Berklee College Of Music. He graduated with a 4.0 GPA and was awarded the Paul Simon Music Scholarship for Academic Excellence. He was the founding Music Director for Pathways Church in Denver, CO from 1995-2000 and has been Music Director at The Rising Church in Arvada, Colorado since 2000.

His recording and performance credits include: 
Sharlena Thomas, Lil’ Blu Records:
-Highlife: A Collection (2009)
-Bootleg Live DVD (2008)
-Queen Of Seasons (2003) Guitarist/ Songwriter
-Beauty For Ashes (2000) Guitarist/ Songwriter,
-Live (2000) Co-producer/ Guitarist/ Songwriter
-One and Only (1998) Producer/ Guitarist/ Songwriter,
-Pages Of Comfort (1997) Producer/ Guitarist,
-BLT: Chasing The Shade DVD (2009) 
-Path To The Prince (1996) Producer/ Guitarist

Nina Storey, RLR Records: 
-All The Little Things (2002) Guitarist,
-Down To You (2002) Guitarist,
-Elevator (2002) Guitarist,
-Mystery Man (2001) Guitarist,
-Wasted Fantasy (2001) Guitarist,
-It’s Your Birthday (2002) Guitarist/ Engineer

Matt McKinney, Sony/Street Sense Records:
-Cowboy Like Me (1993) Guitarist/ Songwriter,
-“Live” (1996) -Guitarist, Mixing Engineer

ABC Television: New Nancy Drew Mysteries Soundtrack (2001)

Jeff Jenkins: LoDo Documentary Soundtrack (1999) Guitarist

Bluescasters: Tightrope (1990)— Guitarist

First Bank: “Colorado Bank For You” commercial— Guitarist
Nathan Elinoff: Justify (1999) Guitarist
Ten Feet Tall: It’s All Good (1998) Guitarist
Daphne Miller: Smell The Road (1997) Producer/ Guitarist
Madsen Romero: Madsen Romero (2003) Guitarist,  
Eric and Leslie Ludy: Heavenly Perspective (1996) Producer/ Guitarist
Michael Hardman, Hollywood Records: Music In America (1988, 2002) Guitarist/ Songwriter
Blair Joyce, BTJ Records: Lucky Man (2000) Guitarist,
Eunice Morris, Clarion Records: The Path Less Chosen (1994) Guitarist
Monte Swan, Singing Springs Music: What Else Matters (1997) Guitarist
Jodi Hogle: Then And Now (1994) Guitarist
Jay Clementi: Jay Clementi (1994) Guitarist
The BBC: The BBC (2009) Guitarist
The Rhythm Academy: Live at Matthew’s Party (2009) Guitarist

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